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Anthony Kearns, Ireland's foremost tenor, is a great ambassador for Ireland.
The Honorable Michael Collins

                                         Ireland's Ambassador to the United States

I have never heard a better Irish tenor voice.                                                     

                                       – The Honorable Jean Kennedy Smith   

                                          Former Ambassador to Ireland

                                         at a memorial in County Wexford
                                         for her brother, the late President John F Kennedy

Anthony Kearns was in California to open the Redlands Bowl Season,

where he brought the audience of over 6,000 to their feet with

“bravos” numerous times as he sang songs of Broadway, opera and his homeland. Once again, he showed the great power, agility and flexibility

of his voice and his ability to color notes gracefully and beautifully. 

The next day, we were fortunate to videotape an exclusive conversation with Mr. Kearns in which he told us a little about his life, why he likes

to do benefit concerts, his connection with us at Wexford, and the importance of education. Anthony also talks about the connection he

feels with our late President John F. Kennedy and honoring the 50th anniversary of his Presidency.

Anthony Kearns Interviews

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